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Get Your Mind in the Gutter!


We’ve all had that moment in a heavy rain when standing on our porch and ready to leave for work or an errand, and froze for a moment of dread. The waterfall pouring off the roof is a terribly uninviting obstacle that we mentally prepare for. Some will dash under it quickly, others will kind of hop through, or some will try to cover their head with their coat, purse, briefcase or whatever is available. Crummy way to start the day or evening.  But there is hope. With Senox seamless rain gutters, installed by the master technicians at Sol Solutions, you will no longer need to dread that foray into the deluge of water cascading off of your roof. Instead, you can stroll comfortably out off of your porch under your new gutters and off to face the day.

Gutters Protect Your Home Too!

Not only is the rush of water from your roof an annoyance for you, but it also wreaks havoc on your home’s foundation. You may have at some point noticed a small amount of white dust forming on a patio or driveway, where a puddle stood after a good rain. That dust has a name, efflorescence, which are mineral deposits. That is nature slowly eroding your foundation.  The eating away of your foundation, not only compromises the strength of the foundation, but it also allows for seepage, which can both rust/erode the re-bar in your foundation, but also cause it to expand and contract, causing the concrete to crack. We all know what happens when a foundation loses its integrity and what a nightmare that can be.  In addition to the problem of efflorescence, there is also washout. As water pours off the roof, a small trench is formed where the water strikes directly. That trench holds moisture long after the rest of the yard has dried out. This creates unstable and moist soil, incapable of supporting the foundation properly. Again, the damage potential is well-known here and needs no explanation.  And while damage to decorative plants in flower beds attached to the home, or planted alongside, is nowhere near as costly as foundation problems, it is still an expense and nuisance. Too much water or too violent a rush of water hampers or prevents the growth of several types of plants.  Fortunately, the professionals at Sol Solutions can engineer a custom, seamless gutter system by Senox for your home, which will avoid all of these problems. With a properly designed and installed system, water will be safely captured and diverted away from your home, protecting you, your residence, and your landscape.

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What Makes Senox So Special?

Senox has been manufacturing seamless gutters for over 40 years. Unlike the systems sold at your local hardware store, which come in 10 foot sections, seamless gutters are one-piece, formed on-site. Eliminating the seams alleviates the fragile joints, that often cause gutters to sag and consequently water to flow slowly or not at all. And even when working properly, the joints create rough spots for light rains, slowing flow, as well as ideal spots for small standing puddles where mosquito’s and other pests can lay eggs or get a quick drink.  These gutters are beautiful! With no ugly seams showing, 26 colors to choose from, and a professional gutter installation by Sol Solutions’ technicians, Senox gutters make a striking addition to any home.

But I Don’t Want to Clean Gutters!

Easily the most common complaint about rain gutters is the filthy job of cleaning them, that is unless you add LeaFree aluminum gutter covers to your system. This patented system prevents leaves, dirt, dust, roofing granules, and other debris from entering the gutters, allowing only water to pass, without hindering the performance of the gutter system.  Keeping gutters free of debris and the resulting clogs can help to avert costly damage. When clogged gutters overflow, fascia, soffit, siding and even framework to a home may be damaged over time. These overflows can also result in interior leaks, damaging sheetrock, flooring, and personal property inside.  With 15 colors to choose from, and fabricated from 0.24” aluminum, Senox covers are good looking as they are tough. However, if the cover is damaged by a falling limb, repair to the cover system is easy and affordable, as the covers are installed in four-foot sections and can be easily replaced.  Sol Solutions can install LeaFree gutter covers along with a new system, or retrofit to an existing one. As an authorized dealer, Sol Solutions’ technicians have been trained to the highest of standards, ensuring that not only will your LeaFree system work correctly, but that neither your gutter, roof, or fascia will be damaged during installation or adversely impacted afterwards.  LeaFree is a great solution, and seems the only detractors we have found are birds and squirrels. These critters are apparently not too keen on being deprived of one of their favorite spots to build cozy nests.

You’re Definitely Interested

Truth be told, to most folks, rain gutters are not the most interesting of topics to read up on. Although, we are fascinated by gutters here at Sol Solutions, we totally get that most people would rather talk about or read up on sports, the weather, the Kardashians, or anything but rain gutters.  So, if you have hung in here this long, you are thinking about gutters. That’s great! We would love to talk to you. Whether it is a repair job on an existing system that may need a tune-up or repair, the installation of LeaFree covers on your current gutters, or a complete Senox system.  Call, email, or submit a contact request on our website. Schedule an appointment convenient for you. A Sol Solutions’ consultant will meet with you day or night to discuss the most practical and affordable options available for your home.